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By way of a life filled with compromising challenges, tragic tragedies, and hurtful heartbreak, Dr. LaTonya Powers has divinely developed into her predestined destiny. One of her greatest teachers was the innate ability to journey through the life that was set before her. Even though Dr. Powers secretly struggled with imbalances of human emotions, such as anxiety and depression, her purpose was revealed, and triumphant victories ensued. 

It was known early in life that there was a God given gift which was preplanned and planted in the belly of Dr. Powers. At the appointed time, and in an appointed placed known as Mobile, Alabama, there was a toddler who could not and would not be soothed or moved unless she heard the nurturing voice of her mother reading scripture. Her mother candidly recalls how Dr. Powers would instantly calm down and listen as if she understood. The parents of Powers knew something was vastly different about her. There breathed purpose that could not clearly communicate but could seemingly comprehend complexities of sacred text.

Oftentimes, purpose is validated through pain. Growing up was particularly challenging. Most children who are raped at an early age suffer from depression, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, anger, confusion, etc. Gifted and called, the powerhouse in training was not unable to escape this harsh reality. For a season, she went wrong! She made wrong decisions, chose wrong relationships, and walked through wrong doors as a result of unhealed pain.

Dr. Powers attempted to self-heal through marriage. Eventually, a mental breakdown occurred and forced a psychiatric vacation of sorts. The prophet, then patient, could hear the doctor asking questions, but the televised preacher is what her spirit was comprehending. “God will not leave you like this”, proclaimed the virtual messenger! At the age of 23, Dr. Powers realized the conundrums of heartache and hurt, pain and purpose, monstrosity and majestic. Even though her innocence had been taken, her marriage abusive, and she lay silently in a psych ward, she had given birth in the natural and in the spirit. Not only did Dr. Powers birth her first son in the natural during this process, but she also birthed the purpose to fight, heal and help in the spirit.

Healing, the grandiloquent battle of her life, was fought with a particular measure of heavenly grace through prayer, relationship, and the mantra of “it might be long, but it won’t be hard”. The definition of hard can be a healing balm to one person and a haphazard, downward spiral to another. The healing balm enabled Dr. Powers to stand steadfast in her purpose while living in low-income housing, while receiving government assistance, while learning to love her son and simultaneously be disgusted with herself in secret, and while battling being confused and called. 

Being emotionally drained cannot stop the will of one who is determined to heal. The inability to see the next step cannot stop the resolve of one who operates in faith. Feelings of failure will eventually provide motivation for one whose fingers are trained to war and hands are taught to fight. Finally, Dr. Powers embraced her joy and her journey. She accepted her purpose along with the pain because her past could never be stronger than what she was to become.


Dr. LaTonya Powers is a mother, pastor, author, entrepreneur and community leader who has appeared on countless radio broadcasts and major network channels, traveled the world unapologetically sharing The Gospel, celebrity coach and life strategist. 

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