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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Strategy Coaching

To become what you know you can be you must learn how to strategize in every area of your life. Learning strategies go beyond your normal coaching session.  I have designed a  plan of action dedicated to the need of each client.  Your sessions are designed to grow and develop you, and if you do the work, you will know after each session where you are in your journey.  We teach you how to train yourself and to edit your life where needed.

Is This Right For Me?

With the word coaching being thrown around so frequently, it's hard to know whom to trust with your issues.   We are not just coaches we are Life Strategist, and my company is designed to develop strategies tailored made for each client. No matter what your dilemma is, there is a strategic plan of action for it.

How Long Will I Need The Sessions

Each client is different which is why we have developed several packages that will best fit your needs.  You are free to receive sessions as often as you need to. You can purchase one our packaged plans and use them when you feel you need it.  No matter when you schedule a session it's designed just for you.

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