March Money Matters

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Listen! We have not always been given privy on money matters. We are going to learn today!

Lean in because this can change your life! I will say it! Money is not evil! As a matter of fact, we are in the middle of one of history’s largest wealth transfers. Baby Boomers are making their way on into glory. Recently, children and several middle-class folks became millionaires through a GameStop stock play. Currently, China has the second-largest nominal GDP in the world but has an annual growth rate that is outpacing even the United States.

What is your relationship with money? Here are four quick tips that anyone can start this month that will change the trajectory of your life.


Take the time and do the work! Self-reflect on your relationship with money this month. How did you relate to money when you were a child? How has your childhood affected your financial decisions as an adult? If you survey the land, have you been a good steward with your finances? Is your house on board with a financial plan that is beneficial for generations? Really get serious this month about the hard questions surrounding money, how and why you feel the way you do. Once you determine why you feel- adjust and heal!


Who do you honor with your finances? How do you show honor with your finances? If you said, “through tithing, offering and seed sowing”, let me help you. Neither of those, within themselves, will grant surety of a particular destination. There is no honor in a tither with hungry children. However, there is honor in priority and behavior through relationship. Along with the top three responses, add the following to methods of honor: budgeting, saving, financial education, and planning.


“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” – Steve Maraboli

What a wonderful world we would have if everybody helped somebody? We live in a world where most tangible goods cost something and will look different for every individual. For some, it may be giving your Jordans to someone who has holes in their shoes. For others, it may be giving the coat off your back to a woman who does not have one. For the remnant, it may be feeding and clothing the homeless in the middle of a pandemic. Whatever it looks like for you, just do it! The return will always outweigh the investment.


Blepo! Horao! Prosecho! Epecho! Heeding is one of our most important, fundamental, unused principles. Review your financial situation and habits with intent and earnest contemplation. You must see where you are to know where you are going because numbers do not lie! Turn to it. Attend to it. In this season, we can no longer afford to be caught financially unaware. Don’t just live your life. Master your life!

Dr. La Tonya Powers is a mother, pastor, author, entrepreneur, and community leader. Dr. Powers was destined for what she loves to do, and that is helping people whether in or outside the walls of the church. Need a financial strategy? Navigate to and book your appointment today!

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