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PersonaLIZE or PersonaLIE?

One major sign of maturity is the desire to get rid of the strongholds in your life. We all have the predisposition of being individually identifiable. Even within social and cultural norms, we fancy being seen. To personalize something, you design or produce to meet some sort of requirement. We often attempt to make our mark by utilizing our looks, our thoughts, our knowledge, or our finances to meet a social or self-standard. Although design and creativity are integral portions of the process, we must be mindful that our personalization does not manifest into a personal lie.

Personal lies are the worst! It is the lie you tell yourself and more than likely, project on to others. It is a delusional form of denial. Living in a lie will cause you to be in contact with atmospheres of comparisons, consistently looking for something to feed your reasons for the why. Do not live with disabling negotiations which can lead to personality disorders such as narcissism and bipolar disorder.

"Affirmations must coexist with affirmative actions."

Currently, we live in the world of affirmations. We are being trained across spiritual genres and self-help gurus to speak it before you see it. We are being taught to have faith and believe it will happen. Several best-selling books have been written which scribe manifestation with calm thinking. There is no error in this idiosyncrasy. The lie becomes personal when you speak the words and have no action. A person who starts their day with the thought or affirmation that “I am a business owner” has completed part of the proceeding. A few steps in the next part of the process would be obtaining the right information, learning, and speaking the language of business, learning finances, creating a business plan, or placing yourself in circles pertaining to your goal. You are deceiving yourself if you make the statement and then do nothing.

Are there any areas where deception is working in your life? How are those misconceptions affecting you and those around you? Make the promise to exchange the mental manipulation for soul stimulation. When a witty idea has penetrated beyond thought and into your being, little has the capability to stop you from achieving that goal. You eat it! You sleep it! You dream it! You breathe it!

"Think. Create. Occupy."

This may be the greatest and hardest thing to tell yourself, but it is time to be free and to fix the personal lies simply by completing the entire process of personalization. Think. Create. Occupy. Realize that you must no longer hold on to delays or disappointments. Set your goals and appointments! Write and build your vision according to your personalized mark on the earth. You are good enough and it will work!

Dr. La Tonya Powers is a mother, pastor, author, entrepreneur, and community leader. Dr. Powers was destined for what she loves to do, and that is helping people whether in or outside the walls of the church. Need strategy? Navigate to and book your appointment today!

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