Refocus Your Life

Life can certainly feel confusing and downright scary at times. Understanding what to expect and learning strategies on how to refocus your life will help you make effective and consistent judgments.

Recently, I began having serious migraines. I could not determine the root cause of the problem. After self-troubleshooting, I decided to have an eye examination. To my surprise, the doctor advised that my symptoms were not due to a problem at all! My eyes were healing, and the current prescription was no longer of use. It was time for me to refocus!

Have you ever noticed that life feels blurred? Is it hard to focus? Sometimes, looking back at life events play out like a series of episodes with beginnings, middles, and ends that will cause painful headaches. Oftentimes, when you feel most unfocused is when you are amid a transition. Simply refocus! The word refocus means to adjust what you are using to understand what you see. Sometimes things are blurry, but that does not mean you cannot see!