What Are YOU Looking At?

How do you view yourself? Where do you see yourself in the next month, year, or ten years? You must possess the will, self-determination, and strength to observe yourself before your real destiny can be revealed. The ability to honestly behold yourself is beyond checking for snatched eyebrows or a perfect edge up in a mirror. Are you capable of examining yourself and possibly exposing things, people, actions, desires, or thoughts that you do not want to come to the surface?

"You will continue to live in a cloud of uncertainty without real direction."

According to Webster's dictionary, the word "see" can be defined as the action of discerning or perceiving. When you honestly descry yourself, who are you looking at? What do you see? Until you become fully aware and unapologetically honest with yourself, whatever is causing a hindrance and/or lack will continue to impede forward movement.

The truth is a platform for the greatest and messiest, loneliest and loving, humbling and heartbreaking work. There is only truth! To take the short pass or path, by way of deception or denial, is cheating. We all have been there at some point in our lives because we are all human. We all have our struggles. However, if self-denial and self-deception is the method of moving through life, you will never win. The truth is greatness can never be born from a lie; not even a lie to yourself.