Who's Holding Your Mirror?

A healthy perception of oneself is necessary for mental stability. Your sense of self-image helps with self-care which helps to develop your self-esteem.

For years, studies have been conducted concerning what we perceive as beautiful, why we choose to like one shade over another or even one body type over another. In early childhood, we were guided through what is acceptable and what is not. We have been programmed to create illusions to feel accepted in a society that views beauty is better than character.

How many times have we watched our young girls become groomed to fit what society deemed as correct? We have watched our young boys not be able to embrace their culture so they won’t be feared in public. We’ve heard phrases such as: “girls are to be seen and not heard”, “straighten your hair so you will be more presentable”, or “make up your face so that others will notice you.”

Media has taught us to dress ourselves trying to match the images we see while causing us to ignore who we really are inside. Regrettably, most of us won’t realize the cracks, the imperfections, the uneven blends, or the subliminally toxic products and procedures that have made up our images until we are courageous enough to hold our own mirror.

"Beauty is the external stimulation to what you perceive through sight, smell, hearing, taste, or touch."- Dr. LaTonya Powers

Beauty is defined as a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially sight. Now, do you know what your aesthetic sense is? Beauty, in and of itself, deals with senses. However, natural beauty deals with your features. Yes, your senses and features identify who you are and alerts you to a greater perception of your truth. The truth is that you are uniquely and beautifully made!