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Celebrity Life Coach. Nationally Syndicated Columnist. Author. Global Motivational Speaker.

Dr. La Tonya Powers

Master Life Strategist



Considering the climate of today's fast paced world, we understand that life can be overwhelming and oftentimes, frustrating. Everyday tasks such as preparing for the day or taking care of family can be hard to navigate mentally when life gets in the way. You are not alone and you have help! Transform You Empowerment Group is proud to offer personalized service strategies that are customized to address your specific need(s). Our Master Life Strategist is a formally trained and certified professional who specializes in emPOWERing people to achieve their personal and professional goals. Services include one-on-one life coaching sessions, workshops, group and family sessions, marriage counseling, business development/strategy, behavioral therapy, and much more. Take the first strategic step and contact us today!

All Are Welcome Here

Equipped to EmPOWER

Certified Specialist


 Behavioral Therapy

Stress & Anxiety  Management

PTSD, Anger Management, Shop Lifting, and Relief Counseling

Mentorship & 

Strategy Sessions

Individual & Group Counseling

The journey to personal empowerment and growth begins on the path of self-discovery. Book a consultation now and take the first step towards transforming your life.

Start Your Transformation Today!

  • Learn more about us.

    15 min

  • Virtual Consultation allows for world-wide strategy solutions.

    30 min

    45 US dollars
  • Discover your path to personal guidance on the journey to excellence.

    1 hr

    125 US dollars
  • What you feel is real, let me help you work through it.

    1 hr

    99 US dollars
  • Success takes discipline

    1 hr

    99 US dollars
  • Don't just build your business strategize your business.

    1 hr

    350 US dollars
  • Join one of our strategy workshops.

    3 hr

    399 US dollars
  • You have what it takes. Let me show you.

    1 hr

    1,299 US dollars

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