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Meet Dr. La Tonya Powers

The Master Life Strategist

Dr. LaTonya Powers is a mother, pastor, author, entrepreneur, contributing editorial writer, and community leader who has appeared on countless radio broadcasts and major network channels, traveled the world unapologetically spreading hope and sharing love, celebrity coach and master life strategist.

By way of a life filled with compromising challenges, tragic tragedies and hurtful heartbreak, Dr. LaTonya Powers has divinely developed into her destiny. One of her greatest teachers was the innate ability to journey through the life that was set before her. Even though Dr. Powers secretly struggled with imbalances of human emotions, such as anxiety and depression, her purpose was revealed, and triumphant victories have ensued.

Being emotionally drained cannot stop the will of one who is determined to heal. The inability to see the next step cannot stop the resolve of one who operates in good faith. Feelings of failure will eventually provide motivation for one whose fingers are trained to war and hands are taught to fight.


Finally, Dr. Powers embraced her joy and her journey. She accepted her purpose along with the pain because her past could never be stronger than what she was to become.


"I too have been in a place called "there". Believe me, there is a strategic way out!"- Dr. Powers


"I have the power to shift what I acknowledge, even if I wonder whether I can change it."- Dr. Powers

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